Pamper Fido At These Westfield Pet Hotels

A woman dropping her dog off at one of the best Westfield pet hotels.

Are you looking for a pet-friendly community to call home? If so, our upscale apartments will fit your needs perfectly. We have a Bark Park on-site and plenty of room for your four-legged friends to exercise. Also, our Westfield pet hotels are a perfect resource when you need to go away on vacation.

They’ll ensure that your fur baby is pampered and groomed while you’re away. When you return, Fido will be waiting for you, smelling and looking great. Without further ado, here are our favorite pet boarding houses in the Westfield area: Happy Dog Hotel and Spa and Bed & Biscuit Kennels.

Happy Dog Hotel and Spa

This popular pet hotel provides dog boarding, doggie daycare, and dog grooming services. If you’d like to board your canine friend, you get a choice of suites and various add-on options to choose from, such as massages and “muttinis” (chicken-flavored cocktails).

Rooms range from petite suites at $36/night to master suites at $40/night.

The professionals at Happy Dog can dispense medications for free, and you can also sign up your furry friend for playtime at daycare. All dog boarding services include two meals and five walks a day, clean quarters, and warm blankets. Scrambled eggs are also served for breakfast.

If you’re in town, but just having a busy week, sign your pet up for daycare. A half-day costs $18, while a full day costs $30. Want Fido groomed while you’re away? Sign him up for the grooming spa, where he’ll enjoy everything from blueberry facials to sudsy baths.

Bed & Biscuit Kennels

Bed & Biscuit Kennels provides pet grooming, doggie daycare, and pet boarding services. Note that boarding rates are based upon nights stayed. A night’s stay is $31 during the week. Weekend rates are $33/night, while holiday rates are $36/night. If you’re boarding a cat, it only costs $15/night.

If you’d like to sign your pet up for doggie daycare, the cost is only $15 a day. At that price, your fur baby gets to play outside with friends at a private dog park for most of the day. Your dog will also be given treats and, with your permission, go on car rides with staff. Swimming in a small pond is also available during warm days.

As you can see, these Westfield pet hotels are great choices for all of your pet-sitting needs.

Want to live near these reliable pet sitters? Come visit us at Maple Knoll Apartments, and we’ll give you an unforgettable tour of our beautiful community. The luxurious living spaces and leading-edge amenities will amaze you. And, of course, it goes without saying that your pets are welcome, as well. For more information about making a move, contact us to schedule your visit.

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