Have Thrilling Escapades at These Indiana Escape Rooms

Having fun at one of the best Indiana escape rooms.

Did you know that the concept of an escape room originated from a 2004 video game? In 2007, an enterprising Japanese company turned the concept into a real-life escape room. Thereafter, escape rooms cropped up all over Asia, and by 2012, Beijing had its first escape room club. Live escape rooms didn’t reach American shores until 2012, however. Today, escape rooms are popular worldwide. For a great time, check out these exciting Indiana escape rooms.

The Escape Room Fishers 

TheĀ Escape Room Fishers offers fun, interactive adventure games designed to challenge the niftiest minds. Teams must work closely together, and there are five unique rooms to choose from.

Those new to escape games will want to start with The Race 1. Here’s the scenario: It’s the final race of the season for the Vintage Race League, and you and your rival are both holding steady in the lead. You’re hoping to win today but have just learned that your race car has been sabotaged. The rules state that all vehicles must be inspected before the race. You only have one hour to find a spare carburetor in the Race and Restoration Shop but will need a security code to get in. Can you find it in time? This room takes up to eight players, and more than 90% of teams escape.

Other rooms you’ll want to explore are The Race 2, Stalag 21 | American P.O.W., 1776, A Night at the Castle, and Escape from the Titanic.

Escape the Room 

Escape the Room has four rooms, each with its own unique storyline, puzzles, and escape routes. This popular business opened in 2016 and has since had the privilege of hosting the offensive line from the Indianapolis Colts. Many area companies have since used Escape the Room for team-building events. The staff is friendly but, unlike other escape rooms, don’t provide hints during the game.

Those looking for a challenge will want to try The Apartment. This game is no social call. You and your friends will have to look beyond the intimate setting of the room to uncover the right clues and earn your freedom. Can you make it out, or will you overstay your welcome?

The other rooms are The Agency, The Dig, and The Rec Room. You’ll love how each one challenges you to the limit of your cerebral powers!

Find More Indiana Escape Rooms

These Indiana escape rooms offer great entertainment for everyone.

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