Step Back in Time at the Indiana Historical Society

Indianapolis - Circa March 2018: Dale Enochs' "Time Flow" framing the Indiana State House. Part of the Indiana State House Public Art Collection I

Not far from Maple Knoll Apartments is the Indiana Historical Society. This unique museum connects people to the past by preserving and sharing the state’s history. It welcomes thousands of visitors every year and is a great way for newcomers to learn about the state, and for born and bred Hoosiers to reconnect. Established in […]

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Meet Animals from Around the World at the Indianapolis Zoo

Guinea baboon family (Papio papio). Animal theme.

An easy drive from Maple Knoll Apartments is the Indianapolis Zoo, a non-profit organization that’s home to an array of animals from across the globe. The zoo strives to inspire people and communities to advance animal conservation, and the admission fee helps to support some of the most vulnerable species. Here are some of the […]

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Learn About the Solar System at the Holcomb Observatory & Planetarium

Telescope inside the dome opening under sky

Do you want to learn more about the night sky? Then plan a trip to the Holcomb Observatory & Planetarium. Established more than 60 years ago, it’s one of the largest observatories in the United States. The Holcomb Planetarium is an easy half-hour drive from Maple Knoll Apartments. History of the Holcomb Planetarium In the […]

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