Don’t Miss the Butterfly Kaleidoscope at the Hilbert Conservatory

Close up of a beautiful butterfly at the Hilbert Conservatory.

Are you a nature enthusiast? If so, you won’t want to miss the Butterfly Kaleidoscope at the Indianapolis Zoo’s Hilbert Conservatory. Presently, this popular event is available until September 2nd. So, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to check it out. One thing’s for sure: we think you’ll love the dazzling array of colors filling every […]

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Volunteer for Worthy Causes in the Indianapolis Metro Area

Woman volunteering for worthy causes in the Indianapolis Metro area.

Do you enjoy spending time with children or helping animals in need? If so, you’ll appreciate these rewarding volunteer opportunities for worthy causes in the Indianapolis area. Humane Society for Hamilton County The¬†Humane Society for Hamilton County is a no-kill shelter that gives every animal a chance to live, regardless of age, breed, or medical […]

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Find Unique Gifts at The Wandering Peacock Gallery

A pottery class in session at The Wandering Peacock Gallery.

Head into Westfield and you’ll find a unique establishment, where imagination thrives and magical works of art live. The Wandering Peacock Gallery offers a happy space to channel your inner artist. At its heart, it’s a bohemian art shop with a knack for the extraordinary. About The Wandering Peacock Gallery The Wandering¬†Peacock Gallery is the […]

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