Don’t Miss the Butterfly Kaleidoscope at the Hilbert Conservatory

Close up of a beautiful butterfly at the Hilbert Conservatory.

Are you a nature enthusiast? If so, you won’t want to miss the Butterfly Kaleidoscope at the Indianapolis Zoo’s Hilbert Conservatory.

Presently, this popular event is available until September 2nd. So, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to check it out. One thing’s for sure: we think you’ll love the dazzling array of colors filling every corner of the conservatory.

Best of all, 40 species of gorgeous butterflies and moths will greet you upon your entrance. They include:

The Scarce Bamboo Page

Green wings and gray undersides constitute the main identifying characteristics of the Scarce Bamboo Page butterfly. By and large, green butterflies are extremely rare, and the Scarce Bamboo Page is among the rarest in the world. In the wild, these butterflies probe the ground for food but also drink the nectar of Passiflora Vitifolia plants (also known as perfumed passionflowers).

Banded Peacock 

Banded Peacocks are fast-flying butterflies with median bands on their upper sides. The color of the bands ranges from emerald green to royal blue, depending on the angle of the light. These butterflies are found in sparse, dry zone forests. There, they feed on the flowers of scrubs, such as
Chloroxylon Swietenia (a type of Ceylonese satinwood)).

Sleepy Orange 

Common throughout North America, Sleepy Orange butterflies can be identified through their vibrant yellow-orange colors. In any case, this species is named for the dark dots on its upper wings, which resemble a pair of “sleeping” eyes. Males appear smaller and slightly brighter than females, with wingspans up to 2 1/4 inches.

Blue Tiger

The Blue Tiger features brownish-black wings with bluish white spots and streaks. It prefers living in scrub forests, deciduous woodlands, and humid sub-tropical forests. Countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines play host to it. Blue tigers fly with fairly shallow wingbeats, and they often travel in pairs.

Tickets to the Butterfly Kaleidoscope are included with regular admission to the Indianapolis Zoo. You can also get a discount bypurchasing tickets online.

All in all, the Butterfly Kaleidoscope at the Hilbert Conservatory is just one of the many events you can enjoy when you callMaple Knoll Apartments home. If you’d like to learn more about our community, contact us to arrange a personalized tour of our luxurious apartments.

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