Big Hoffa’s Smokehouse Barbecue: The Best Barbecue in Westfield

Barbecue Roasted Pork Rib and Fried Potatoes

Big Hoffa’s Smokehouse Barbecue has been a Westfield staple for ten years. Owned and operated by Adam Hoffman, Hoffa’s strives to bring the authentic barbecue experience to Indiana. The restaurant is just a short drive down Main Street from Maple Knoll Apartments. When you can smell the delicious smokey meats of the best barbecue in Westfield you’ll know you’re nearly there!

Step into Barbecue Heaven

Known for their dedication to quality ingredients and their excellent slow-cooked ribs, Hoffa’s is revered by Westfield locals and has become a must-try restaurant for visitors. The restaurant has been named an “Indy A-list” best barbecue restaurant for multiple years and is listed on TheĀ 100 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America website.

Before we even start on the menu, the restaurant itself is a huge attraction. Hoffa’s brings the rustic vibe of the legendary barbecue joints of the south all the way to Indiana.

But, there’s a twist.

Hoffa’s is a pirate-themed restaurant! The funky decor and fun atmosphere make this great place to catch a casual meal.

What’s on the Menu?

So good barbecue takes time…a lot of time. Hoffa’s smokes their meat from 12 to 30 hours depending on the cut. This makes for rich, deeply flavored meats that are pull-apart tender. On your first visit to Hoffa’s, you have to try their specialty fire-smoked ribs.

Don’t miss out on some of the quirkier Hoffa’s dishes like The Butcher’s Bill sandwich piled high with smoked chicken and mac and cheese or the Barbecue Sundae with brown sugar baked beans. Get the crazy barbecue topped french fries, the Hoffanator, for the table to share. Sides include garlic rolls, cayenne potato salad, and more.

This is just one of many excellent local restaurants in the neighborhood around Maple Knoll Apartments. To learn more about making your home in the Westfield area, contact us to tour our apartments today.

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