4 Art Tutorials to Unleash Your Inner Artist

A woman enjoying one of the most popular art tutorials online.

Spending time at home is great, but there are moments when you need something to engage your attention. Finding a way to express yourself creatively is a fun, healthy way to boost your mood. These art tutorials will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Best of all, you can enjoy them in the comfort of your living room at Maple Knoll Apartments.

Acrylic Painting with ColorByFeliks

ColorByFeliks, with the talented Feliks Kaparchuk, offers stunning painting tutorials. Fans especially love his sailboat painting tutorial and waterfall cave tutorial. These acrylic paintings are undeniably brilliant. You’ll need to set aside at least a few hours to complete them, but they will take your artistic passion to new heights.

Pencil Drawings with RapidFireArt

If you want to take your pencil drawing skills up a notch, look no further than RapidFireArt with Darlene. Her shading tutorial is especially helpful. You may appreciate this tutorial on how to draw curly hair. Fans say that they have made significant improvements in their portrait drawings since discovering this artist.

Watercolors with Shayda Campbell

Watercolors aren’t just fun for kids. Use them to create gorgeous artwork as an adult. We love Shayda Campbell‘s tutorials on watercolor flowers and leaves, especially for creating beautiful nature scenes. 

Charcoal Drawings with Lineke Lijn

Lineke Lijn is a great artist, and her charcoal tutorials are especially magical. Charcoal can be such a wonderful medium to create with. Many fans say that this waterfall tutorial leaves them in awe. The results of this water lily tutorial also have their own special allure.

All in all, these art tutorials can unleash your inner artist. If you’re in need of a space to create, be sure to contact us at Maple Knoll Apartments. We’d love to share more details about our apartments and amenities.

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