Relax With A Cup Of Coffee At 3 Cafes Near Marquette At Maple Knoll

An attractive couple enjoying coffee at one of the most popular cafes near Marquette at Maple Knoll.

There’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee in the middle of winter. In fact, moderate amounts of coffee may even be good for you. Did you know that coffee can increase your metabolic rate and enhance your physical endurance? In fact, coffee may even lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes. So, if […]

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Enjoy Great Bird-Watching At Fort Harrison State Park

A beautiful multi-colored Parula Warbler (Parula pitiayumi) perched on a tree branch at Fort Harrison State Park.

Did you know that there’s a 1,700-acre nature preserve located near Marquette At Maple Knoll? Yes, we’re referring to Fort Harrison State Park. This historic park is one of the leading state park systems in the United States, in terms of self-sufficiency. It depends wholly upon user fees to offset its operational costs. Additionally, it offers some of […]

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The Mass Ave Arts District Offers Five Blocks of Fun


Not far from Maple Knoll Apartments is a vibrant five-block area full of art galleries, restaurants, and unique shops. It’s called the Mass Ave Arts District, and thousands of people come to explore every year. Here are a few spots to check out next time you’re in the district: Stout’s Footwear Stout’s Footwear was established […]

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